Off-Campus Industrial Laboratory

The University of Utah’s 15,000 square foot Industrial Combustion and Gasification Research Facility (IGCRF) is located off-campus in an industrial area of Salt Lake City and houses several semi-pilot-scale combustion and gasification rigs. The facility has 480V power, natural gas, water and compressed air, plus forklifts, cranes and on-site engineers and welders for fabrication/modification of equipment. All activities at the ICGRF are overseen by the university’s Environmental Health and Safety department and the facility has all necessary environmental and operations permits. Facility staff have many years of experience running the equipment and are experienced in sampling and data acquisition.

Currently, the ICGRF houses the following equipment:

  • Pressurized entrained-flow gasifier (also functions as a pressurized oxy-fuel combustor)
  • Pressurized fluidized bed gasifier
  • Dual fluidized bed chemical looping combustion process development unit
  • Oxy-fuel combustor
  • Indirectly-heated rotary kiln

Available analytical equipment includes:

  • Continuous emission monitors (CEMs) for CO2, CO, CH4, O2, SO2, NO, NO2
  • Process gas chromatograph typically calibrated for H2, CO, CO2, CH4, O2, N2, He (used as tracer for gas flow calculations). The GC can be calibrated for other gases, as well.
  • Industrial process FTIR
  • Online particulate sampling and measurement

Industrial Combustion and Gasification Research Facility